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How to create great Sparks

Divide your answer in 3 blocks of content

The context

Introduce your role within the company. This part needs to show why you’re the right person in the company to answer this question.

Reply precisely to the question

Using your imagination, picture someone in front of you asking you questions. Focus on giving the most useful possible reply.

Choose beforehand a few relevant points to illustrate your answer. Avoid reciting from a script as you'll want it to feel natural. It is important to validate ‘sensitive’ information, like your customers’ data, in advance

The ending

Add some personal feelings, opinions and ask people to connect - if you are open to that - or take relevant actions.

Here an example

Question: How does your company actively support diversity?

The context


As an internal communications’ manager, 30% of my role is devoted to
implementing or supporting diversity projects. Since I started working for
<company name> 2 years ago, I have participated in 9 different projects
that support equal opportunities and working conditions for applicants
and employees.

Reply precisely to the question

Here is an example last year, we held a symposium for <add details>. We are currently launching an accessible career page that I’m very proud of solving <challenge 1> and <challenge 2>. For me the possibility of working on inclusive projects was one of the main points that made me choose <company name> over other opportunities.

The ending

Please reach out to me on LinkedIn if you want to know more and check out our new career page to see what I’m talking about.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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