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Live Stream Your Way to Top Talent: A Guide to Engaging Gen Z Recruitment!

Awesome decision to explore live streaming! 👏 When you’re looking to connect with Gen Z talent in a way that's both fun and informative, video live streaming is the answer, and CareerFairy is here to make it simple and super effective.

Here’s your guide to a great live stream in 3 stages

Before the live stream
During the live stream
After your live stream

Before your live stream

Choose your live stream topic on the basis of your goal

Raise awareness or interest in your employer brand?

Consider introducing your brand while solving for your target audience’s pain points while navigating University – Topics like Job hunt Skill Sharing, Expert Insights on career planning, Diversity, Sustainability, Equality, Skill & Interest Matching Tools

Hard recruitment goals?

Address the questions of your target audience at the bottom of the recruitment funnel – Deepdive into Open positions, What the Job entails, Day in a life at the job, Subject Matter Expertise required, learning opportunities at the job, Hiring Team, Current employee Testimonial, Authentic company culture insights, Life at the offered job location.

Choose a date & time smartly

Maximise attendance by scheduling your stream during peak times:
Best Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays
Best Times: Between 12:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 18:30

Pack a punch with event creation
A compelling live stream should engage the audience, deliver valuable content, and create a memorable experience. Consider the following elements:

Engaging title
Attract viewers with a catchy and inviting title.

Talent attraction examples:
Empowering women in tech: stories of successful female IT leaders
Rock your Recruitment Journey!
How we are making the world a better place thanks to AI
Sustainability in asset management, how does it work?

Recruiting examples:
Unlock Your Future: Tech & Finance Graduate Programme
From intern to full time hire - Former interns tell their stories
Shape Tomorrow Today with our Graduate Programme

Recommended duration
The sweet spot is 45min. Best is to maintain engagement during the entire live stream with polls, answering questions in the chat, and dedicating enough time to the Q&A section.

Use of emojis – Did you know that different generations used emojis differently?
Highlight key points (benefits, salary, tasks, responsibilities)
Avoid redundant company information
No additional Call To Actions (CTAs)
Provide three reasons why to join

Add any jobs you want to promote. You’ll see all the KPIs (clicks, applications) directly in your dashboard

Choose your A-team presenters
Consider including a diverse panel of employees representing different departments and career paths at your company, and new hires potentially from some of the attending universities.. For eg. If you’re recruiting for internships or traineeships, bring in one of the current trainees or someone who just recently finished the program and now works as a junior tell their trainee story.

Engage students well before the day
The key to a successful live stream is keeping students excited and involved. Here's how:
Teasers are Your Friends: Create short video clips highlighting the topics you'll be discussing and the awesome employees students will meet. Use Sparks on CareerFairy to get your target audience to view these in the build up to the live stream
Promote, Promote, Promote!, your own social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn to create a buzz about your live stream. Work with your CareerFairy account manager to ensure CareerFairy social media carries these promotions and they reflect your brand. As part of promotions, make sure you carry links to the live stream, and not advertise the vacancies itself before the live stream to make sure there is maximum impact

During your live stream

Virtual setup
Ensure good lighting and clear audio
Present from a visually appealing location representing your company culture

Live stream content
Start with Small Talk: Begin with casual conversation to connect with your audience.
Keep it Interactive: Use Q&A sessions, polls, and encourage students to participate throughout the event. Respond to questions promptly and foster a two-way dialogue
Encourage participation throughout the event. Ask viewers to participate, such as sharing their location or answering polls. Respond to audience questions promptly and foster a two-way dialogue.

Keep in mind!
Focus on People, Not Slides: Students want to see real people, not lengthy presentations. Minimise slides and build in sections of live streams with focus on your presenters during their talks
Visuals That Complement: Use slides sparingly, primarily to showcase key points or visuals that complement your conversation

Pro tip: Send these tips to your presenter teams before the day of the live stream

After your live stream

Don't let the interaction end when the live stream does!

Wrap Up with a Call to Action: Direct students to your career page, social media channels, or application portal
Encourage students to connect with recruiters on social media – Provide recruiter social media to students so that they can connect
Offer Additional Resources: Consider providing a downloadable PDF with answers to frequently asked questions or a list of open positions
Follow Up & Track Results: Respond to any lingering questions students may have after the event. Track viewership numbers, engagement levels, and application rates. Use this data to assess the success of your live stream and refine your strategy for future events
Reach out to the candidates that fit your requirements via LinkedIn, Phone, E-Mail etc. Debrief with your Key Account Manager at CareerFairy

Live streaming with CareerFairy is your gateway to connecting with Gen Z talent in a way that's both informative and engaging. Attract your future workforce with a winning strategy. Remember, the goal is to keep it fresh, engaging, and authentic!

Got any questions? Write us at or get in contact with your customer success manager directly.

Updated on: 12/07/2024

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