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Live Streaming on CareerFairy

As more and more companies get used to host career live streams on CareerFairy, we wanted to create a short document to provide insights on what to expect and how to prepare for your upcoming event on our platform. If you are about to host a career live stream and want to know how to get ready, you are in the right place!

First things first

Before we start with the details, I wanted to personally thank you for deciding to begin your journey into career streaming.

The reason myself and Thomas started working on CareerFairy was to give the next generation of students a complete and authentic view into the reality of their job market, allowing them to make more informed career choices that puts their happiness first.

By hosting a career live stream, you are not only giving your company’s employer brand a major boost, you are also helping graduates truly understand whether or not the roles that you offer match their personal abilities and expectations. If, after your event, they decide to research your career opportunities further and ultimately apply to one of your open positions, you can rest assured that they will do so knowing that the package that your organisations offers will fulfill them on the job.

What is a career live stream?

In a career live stream, you will introduce yourself as well as your company/organisation to a group of potential future hires, generally students and young graduates, with the aim of raising awareness about your work culture, your current projects and your amazing team.

Generally, a career live stream is a 45min to 1 hour online session, in which you can introduce yourself and your company, introduce the projects that you are passionately working on and answer all the questions that your audience may have about you.

Why is a career live stream such a great tool to reach Gen Z talent?

Reaching Gen Z is challenging, as their ways of interacting with services is considerably more digital and short-spanned than previous generations.

Getting and keeping their attention for longer periods of time can be difficult, and they tend to look for first-hand, relatable and authentic content rather than polished, overly-prepared and curated information. This is why influencers and other internet personalities have so much impact on this generation when it comes to making everyday decision.

In a career live stream, you can reach Gen Z talent in the way they want to be reached, by connecting them directly with the people they would end up working with and having minimal filters in place between them and their potential future professional environment.

By using such an opportunity to introduce them to your most amazing employees, you can not only show them factual information about what they would work on with you, but also showcase how and with whom they would share their work time.

Things you should know before your first live stream

Preparing your first live stream can be a bit daunting. Most people are not used to showcasing themselves online in such a format and do not exactly know how to prepare and what mindset they should have as the event approaches. If you feel the same way, don’t worry! We will give you some insights into the recommended structure of a career live stream to make sure that your audience can get the most out of their event with you.

This is not a Teams/Zoom/Skype call!

The first thing your should be aware of: this is a not a videoconferencing call with your target audience! In a live stream, you will be broadcasting your audio and video so that students can see you, but you will not (at least initially) be able to see them! This may be surprising but is done on purpose: by not requesting from your audience to show their faces and offer them to meet you whilst keeping a certain level of anonymity, you will greatly increase the odds of them registering and showing up.

Why is that? The students you are approaching through a live stream might be in the early stages or their career-related decision making, and want to simply listen to you and discover what your team and your company are working on and offering to their employees. They might have very little knowledge about you (at least before the event ) and would not want to be put on spot regarding this lack of preparation. The purpose of the live stream is for them to absorb knowledge about you, not the other way around! Keep this in mind as you prepare for your event.

How should we structure our live stream?

If you plan to do (as you should) a 45min to 1 hour session, we recommend that you split your time into two main sections: presentation (20–30min) and Q&A (15–25mn). The content of the presentation part should depend on the nature of the audience you are addressing. Is this a broad group of international students with a variety of study backgrounds ? Is this a group of electrical engineering PhDs in Switzerland ? Depending on those factors, the presentation should more or less advanced/technical/specialised to address the interests of your audience.

What should we talk about?

The content of your event is obviously very important. Being as open, detailed and transparent as possible within the context of your stream’s topic is what will peak your audience’s interest and cause them to do further research on your company and your opportunities and ultimately apply to your open positions.

If you don’t have a fixed topic for your live stream, discussing current company projects and the hands-on reality of your jobs is generally a great starting point. Try to convey the reality of what life within your teams looks like. If you want, use supporting material such as presentations, video or applications demos through screen sharing. This will make your live stream more visual and engaging which will improve the experience for your viewers.

Your CareerFairy live stream should be a relaxed, friendly and informative occasion to showcase your best employees and your best projects!

Is this event formal or informal?

Many hosts wonder about the tone in which they should conduct their live stream. Our main advice is to stay true to your company culture. If you have a casual communication style with your co-workers at the office, then have a casual style in your stream. The goal is to give an accurate representation of who you are as a company and as a team. If unsure, we recommend going for a relaxed, fairly informal style. When the streamers call each other by their first name, it makes them appear more accessible! However, always stay true to who you are.

How to prepare for the day of the event?

Once you have planned and scheduled your event on CareerFairy, there are a couple of steps you should go through to ensure a smooth experience on the day of your live stream.

Make a technical check with all the streamers

To make sure you don’t run into last minute technical difficulties, we strongly recommend to do a technical check with all the people who will co-host your live stream with you. This is particularly recommend if any of your hosts will connect through a company network (Corporate Wifi/LAN connection) or through a corporate device.

To perform the technical check, simply share the joining streamer link with your participating co-hosts and plan a short meeting where all the co-hosts connect to the stream room. If you can all connect, see and hear each other during the tech check, you are all set for your event!

If you run into trouble during your technical check, please check our technical troubleshooting document that should help resolving most issues you might encounter. If it still doesn’t help, feel free to contact the CareerFairy tech team which will be happy to help!

Check out the features of the CareerFairy streaming app

Prepare your supporting material

If you plan to use any material to support your presentation during your event, it is a good idea to prepare it beforehand in order to avoid having to search for it at the last minute.

If you want to use slides during the event, you can upload your document as a PDF presentation to CareerFairy. This has the advantage that the presentation remains visible and available next time you rejoin the streaming room or if happen to suffer a disconnection during the event. Furthermore, all co-hosts can control the presentation during the event, which is very helpful if the document contains content shared by all streamers.

If you plan to use screen sharing, we also recommend testing the feature in stream conditions (using the same device and same network) to ensure that all the prerequisites are met for a flawless experience.

Updated on: 25/10/2022

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