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How to use the CareerFairy Streaming App

The CareerFairy streaming platform is a simple and intuitive app that will look familiar to most users who have ever interacted with a videoconferencing software. However, even if we do use analogies with videoconferencing apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype, don’t forget that during the event, you will not see your audience (unless any participants use the hand raise feature, we’ll get to that later).

Get connected and select your microphone and camera

When initially opening the streaming app, an initial process will run which will attempt to establish a connection with the streaming server. Once the connection is established, you will be requested to select your camera and microphone. Don’t forget to make sure that you authorise to access your camera and microphone if it is the first time that you use the app. In the camera/microphone dialog, make sure that the correct camera has been preselected by checking the preview video and making sure that the right microphone is in use. Make sure that your selected microphone detects sound by checking whether the green dot indicator moves as you speak.

If everything looks good, press the Join as Streamer button.

If you are a non-streaming co-host, such as an organiser, a technical support specialist or an HR expert answering Q&A questions in written format, you have the option to join the stream without publishing audio/video by clicking the I am only watching button.

Now that you are online and ready to stream, let’s review the features and options you should know about to master the CareerFairy live stream:

Presenter Tools

On the right hand side of the streamer window, you have access to the presenter tools. Let us introduce them one by one:

Hide/Show Camera: stop/enable video broadcasting

Mute/Unmute Microphone: stop/enable audio broadcasting


Share screen: Share your screen via your browser’s screen sharing functionality. When selecting screen sharing, you will be shown a dialog asking you to select between Share Screen or Share Video. If you select Share Screen, CareerFairy will broadcast a detailed, sharp image of your screen which can however be less fluid when sharing moving pictures. You should use this mode whenever you are NOT sharing any video during the screen share. If you select Share Video, the resolution of the screen share video will be lowered (resulting in small text not being readable) but the fluidity of any shared video will be good. Use this mode WHENEVER you are sharing a video through screen share. Find out more about video sharing here.

Share PDF Presentation: Share a presentation through CareerFairy’s app, without having to share your screen! In this mode, you can upload a PDF presentation to CareerFairy and have it permanently available in your stream room. All co-hosts can control the presentation through the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen. If you exit the PDF presentation mode and open it again, the presentation will still be available at the slide that was shown when you previously exited the mode.

Share a video: If you want to a video through a YouTube link, this option is the most effective way to do it. Just enter the link to the video in the dialog and get started. Any co-host can pause/play the video or move on the video’s timestamp and the action will be mirrored for all participants.

Share call-to-action: A call-to-action is an in-stream message you can create and activate at any time during your livestream, prompting the members of your audience to open an external link. This can be useful if you want your audience member to follow you on social media, to check out an open job posting or to click on any other link you would want them to.

Settings: Open the settings dialog. There, you have access to your audio and video settings, similar to those you had when initially entering the streaming room. In the audio settings, you can test your speakers by playing a pre-recorded sound to make sure that any audio will be played back to you.

Join as viewer: Click to see the current streaming room from the perspective of an audience member.

Stream Options

In the header bar of the CareerFairy streaming app, you’ll find the following useful features.

Invite an additional streamer: Copy a link to send to a co-host in order to allow them to join the stream.

Manage Breakout rooms: Open the dialog to manage breakout rooms. To use breakout rooms, please make sure you check with your CareerFairy representative to verify that your use case warrants the use of breakout rooms, or whether you can achieve your goal with a single stream.

Open Student View: Similar to Join as viewer.

Switch to dark mode: Change the visual them of the app to dark mode.

Live Data

In the header bar, in the top right corner, you’ll also find a button labelled See who joined. This button opens a drawer on the right hand side of the screen that shows a number of real-time data points about your audience. Most notably, you can see the percentage of participants that joined your talent pool, the breakdown of your participants by field of study and a list of participants shown with first name & university of study.

Interactive features

On the left hand side of the streaming app, you’ll find the most important features to know about before you start your stream on CareerFairy: the Q&A, polls and hand raise.


The Q&A tool allows you to see all the questions that have been asked by the viewers who registered and the people who are participating to your event. During registration as well as during the event, the participants can upvote each others questions to make sure that the most relevant ones appear first in the list.

We recommend to use the Q&A tool as a support tool for the interactive part of your event, where you answer your audience’s questions. The best way to work your way through the questions is to:

Select a question to answer from the list.

Click on Answer now in that question’s tile, this will highlight the question and make it appear at the top of the list.

Answer the question orally in the stream. Try to be as thorough, detailed and authentic as possible with your answer. Also, if you do not know the answer to the question, don’t hesitate to say it. Honesty is always a great policy 🙂

When you are done, select the next question and repeat the process.

It is quite likely that you will not have enough time to answer all the questions asked in the event, particularly since new questions might be asked all the way through the Q&A. That is totally okay! It is better to finish more or less on time to respect everyone’s time.


The polls tool allows you to ask questions to your audience! Whether you want to engage them by quizzing them on a topic that is relevant to your event content or whether you want to find out more about who your audience is, the polls tool can be very useful.

To use the polls tool, click on the polls button (labelled with a bar chart icon) on the left hand side of the window.

Create a poll

Polls can be created at any point before or during the stream. When you create a poll, it will be saved in your streaming room and you can activate at any point during the stream.

To create a poll, please click the button Create a poll. In the dialog, enter the question you’d like to ask as well as between 2 and 4 possible answers. After you click save, the poll can be seen in the left drawer. We recommend that you create all polls before the start of your event, to avoid the hassle of having to create them whilst already being busy presenting.

Activate a poll

During your event, you can activate a poll at any time to let your audience vote on the poll. To activate the poll, simply click on activate the poll in the corresponding card. This will immediately prompt all viewers to answer your poll in the audience UI. You will see the results of the poll in real time in the Poll drawer. To move to the next poll or to the next section of the presentation, just click on Close the poll.

Hand Raise

The hand raise feature is designed to allow you to communicate directly via audio and video with audience members who wish to do so.

As you know by now, live streams are not videoconferencing events and you will not, in general, see or hear your audience members. The only exception is through the hand raise feature. If the hand raise feature is active, audience members can request to individually join the stream with their camera and/or microphone and have a direct conversation with you.

You can use this feature at any point during the stream, but we recommend to activate it only towards the end of your event, so that your audience will have had some time to get to know you and your company before they would be confident enough to converse with you directly in the live stream.

Activate hand raise

To activate the hand raise feature, simply go to the hand raise tab on left hand side of the streaming window. There, click on Activate hand raise to activate the feature at any point during your stream.

Invite users to join the stream

When hand raise is active, users can request to join the stream. If a viewer does request to join, you will see the request in the hand raise tab. You then need to invite any user who requested to join individually before their camera can appear in the stream. You can invite up to 5 users to connect through hand raise at the same time.

Remove users

If any users are connected to your stream through the hand raise feature, you can remove them at all times in the hand raise drawer by clicking on Remove in the corresponding user’s list element

Updated on: 25/10/2022

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