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Share a Presentation on CareerFairy

Sharing a video on CareerFairy

It is simpler than you thought!

If you want to share a video during your live stream on CareerFairy, this article may contain some useful information for you to do this successfully on the day of your event. In any case, please test the video sharing before your live stream to ensure that all technical requirements are met.

Let us introduce a few options you have for video sharing:

Share a video through YouTube:

YouTube is the premier video sharing platform in the world. If the video you want to share is available on YouTube. Please use the “Share video” in your in-stream sharing options. This will prompt you to enter the video link into the dialog to start sharing the video. Once you start sharing, all co-hosts and viewers will see the same video. All actions you perform on the video (play/pause, move on the timeline,…) will be mirrored for all viewers. This is the simplest and preferred option for video sharing, which we always recommend if the video in question is available on YouTube.

Share a video through Screen Sharing:

If your video is not available on YouTube but either on a different online player or as a local file, you can share it directly via Screen Sharing. To do this effectively while ensuring good video playback quality for you and all other participants, follow this process:

Select Share => Screen Sharing in the CareerFairy streaming app.

In the following dialog, select Video as you sharing option. This will ensure that the screen sharing process will share fluid video playback.

In the browser sharing dialog, select your desired sharing option. You can choose between sharing the entire screen of your computer (or one entire screen of those available if you have external monitors attached), an application window (such as the Microsoft Powerpoint app) or a browser tab. If you plan to share your entire laptop screen, it can be useful to share using an external monitor attached to your laptop. That way, you can share the entire screen of the external monitor and keep you CareerFairy streaming window visible on your primary screen.

IMPORTANT STEP: Before clicking on Share in the browser sharing dialog, you need to make sure that your browser allows to share the sound as well as the video during the process. This is done by making sure that the checkbox Share audio in the bottom left of the browser dialog is checked. Be aware: Depending on your operating system, you will only be able to share audio when sharing your video through the entire screen and/or a browser tab. Again, look for the Share audio to see whether audio can be shared. If no checkbox is visible, then audio sharing is not available for that option.

Click on share in you browser dialog.

If you are streaming with co-hosts, it can be a good idea to quickly ask them for feedback about whether they can clearly see and hear the video from your screen sharing. If they can see and hear the video well, so can your viewers! Once you have positive feedback, ask all other co-hosts to mute their microphone during the video sharing process.

Stop the screen sharing by closing the corresponding browser tab/application window or clicking on stop sharing.

Possible issues and how to resolve them:

There is an echo in the audio during video sharing

An echo in the audio will generally mean that a co-hosts in playing audio through his or her speakers and did not mute his/her microphone during the video sharing. Please ask all streamers to mute their microphone while the video is playing.

The screen share/video share process shows a blank image/my screen is not visible to the participants.

If the screen sharing process appears to be starting correctly, but your screen never becomes visible to your co-hosts and viewers, then your laptop might be missing some permissions to screen share. Please try another device or contact your IT to see whether then can give your browser the permissions to share the screen recording.

The shared video appears to be quite laggy (not fluid) for co-hosts and viewers

A laggy video during video share generally means that the upload network speed is not sufficient to comfortably share your video in real time with your participants. We recommend at least 10Mbps of upload speed to share video from your device effectively.

Updated on: 25/10/2022

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