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ATS Integration - How to Find ISU and Web Services Endpoint Authentication for Workday

How to Find the ISU and Web Services Endpoint Authentication for Workday

In this guide we will help you ensure the correct permissions are enables to integrate your Workday ATS system with the CareerFairy platform.

Step 1: Create an Integration System User (ISU)

In your Workday portal, log into the Workday tenant.
In the Search field, type Create Integration System User.
Select the Create Integration System User task.
On the Create Integration System User page, in the Account Information section, enter a user name, and enter and confirm a password.
Click OK.

Note: You'll want to add this user to the list of System Users to make sure the password doesn't expire.

Step 2: Create a Security Group and Assign an Integration System User

Now, add this Integration System User to a Security Group:

In the Search field, type Create Security Group.
Select the Create Security Group task.
Click OK.
On the Create Security Group page, from the Type of Tenanted Security Group pull-down menu, select Integration System Security Group.
In the Name field, enter a name.
Click OK.
On the Edit Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained) page, in the Name field, enter the same name you entered when creating the ISU in the first section.
Click OK.

Step 3: Configure Domain Security Policy Permissions

In the Security Group, you will need to edit the Domain Security Policy Permissions and add the following GET operations:

Candidate Data: Job Application
Candidate Data: Personal Information
Candidate Data: Other Information
Pre-Hire Process Data: Name and Contact Information
Job Requisition Data
Person Data: Personal Data
Person Data: Home Contact Information
Person Data: Work Contact Information
Manage: Location

Step 4: Activate Security Policy Changes

In the search bar, type "Activate Pending Security Policy Changes" to view a summary of the changes in the security policy that needs to be approved. After reviewing policies, approve the pending security policy changes in order to activate them.

Step 5: Obtain the Web Services Endpoint for Workday Tenant

We'll need access to your specific Workday web services endpoint:

Search in Workday for Public Web Services.
Open Public Web Services Report.
Hover over Human resources and click the three dots to access the menu.
Click Web Services > View WSDL.
Navigate to the bottom of the page that opens and you'll find the host.
Copy everything until you see /service. This should look something like

Now you have all the necessary credentials to initialise the integration. Go back to the CareerFairy platform and initiate the synchronisation in the dedicated ATS integration page in your dashboard. If you need further guidance on how to complete the synchronisation you can consult the following guide.


Linked Implementation Workday accounts will result in slower syncs as there are less resources dedicated to the tenant.
The password used cannot contain an "&" sign.
Please make sure to exempt the ISU Account from MFA and SSO

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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