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How to integrate your ATS system with CareerFairy

How to integrate your ATS system with CareerFairy

One of the main advantages of using CareerFairy is the integration with your ATS system for an automated collection of applications during or after a live stream.

The goal of this document is to show you how you can set up the integration between your ATS system and the CareerFairy platform.

Let's get started!

For some of the ATS systems, before being able to start configuring the integration you need to generate and retrieve an API key or dedicated credentials. If your ATS system is included in the list below, please read the dedicated guide on how to find them:

Ashby: guide here
Greenhouse: guide here
Homerun: guide here
JazzHR: guide here
Lever: guide here
SmartRecruiters: guide here
SuccessFactors: guide here
TalentLyft: guide here
Teamtailor: guide here
Workday: guide here.

If your ATS system is not on the above list, you just require either your ATS login credentials or the domain name. You can find the domain name in the URL once having accessed your ATS system.

Linking the ATS system

Step 1

In your group page, you will find on the left side menu a section called ATS Integration. Navigate to it, once the page opens you should see a Link account button. When clicking on it a dialog opens, and you will be guided through step-by-step.

ATS Integration

Step 2

In the opened dialog, select your ATS system and follow the instructions presented on the screen. Once you have completed all the necessary steps and the integration has been finalised you will be notified.

Integration step-by-step

Step 3

After clicking on Finish Setup the dialog closes and you will see the status of the synchronisation. The synchronisation process may tale several minutes to complete. Don't worry, you can navigate to other pages of the CareerFairy platform while the synchronisation finishes, since this process will run in the background. Once the synchronisation has been completed, you will see a list of all the open jobs you currently have in your ATS system.

Synchronisation status

Step 4

After the first synchronisation is complete, you can test it with a dummy application. This ensures that everything is working as expected, and moreover it is necessary step before you can link a job to one of your live streams. Click on the button "Application test".

Initiate application test

A dialog opens and it will guide you through the required steps. Select a job you want to use for the test application. Some ATS systems require to select a user responsible for the creation of application. Select this is well directly in the dialog.

Application test

Click on "Test" to submit your test application. If the application is successful you'll be able to start associating a job to your live stream. Otherwise, if there are any issues, we will be directly notified and we will investigate where the problems rely. We will reach out with further details once we have solved the issues.

You're done!

You can now promote your open positions in your live streams, relax, and see those applications flowing directly into your ATS system thanks to the power of automation.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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