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ATS Integration - Which data is exchanged

Which data is exchanged through an ATS integration with the CareerFairy platform

We integrate with more than 40 ATS systems, thus we are keeping the data exchanged at a minimum. We mainly focus on information around a job opening, so that we can display it on the platform, and information about a talent applying to an open position.

Information shared related to job opening

Job title
Job opening description
Job status, e.g., closed or open
Creation date
Remote users, i.e., some ATS require to link a hiring manager to a job opening

Information shared related to an application

First and last name
Email address
Attachments, e.g., to provide a candidate's CV
URL, e.g., to provide a candidate's LinkedIn URL
Creation date
Source, i.e., to mark an application coming from CareerFairy

This is a list of general data which we support. Nevertheless, depending on the ATS used we will use only a subset of this information to fit the requirements of the integration. For some ATS, you can manage which data is exchanged by setting the permissions directly in the generated API key, e.g., Greenhouse (consult this guide).

Here an example of the data synched for an integration with Teamtailor.

Teamtailor data exchange example

Selective sync

In one of the steps guiding you through setting up the ATS integration we offer the possibility to restrict the data synched using certain conditions: we call this Selective Sync.

Selective sync

You can determine some conditions based on few of the fields mentioned above. Here an example for synching jobs for the Swiss and German markets.

Job location condition example

We are working to give you even more control through the selective sync by letting you select which data will be exchanged at any point in time between your ATS system and the CareerFairy platform.

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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