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ATS integration - How to get the API key for Greenhouse

How to retrieve the API key and other configurations for Greenhouse ATS system

Before starting the integrating your Greenhouse ATS system with CareerFairy, you need to prepare your ATS system to receive applications from our platform. It's just one action: please add in your Greenhouse ATS system the value "CareerFairy" for the field SOURCE, so that the application coming from our platform can be correctly tagged. The name must be exactly "CareerFairy" otherwise your ATS system will not match it and won't display any source at all.

That was it.! Simple and quick.

Now we help you getting the Greenhouse API key to link it to the CareerFairy platform.

Step 1

Log in and click the Configure (Settings) Icon on the upper right-hand corner of any page.

Step 2

Click Dev Center in the left menu.

Step 3

Select API Credential Management.

Step 4

Click the Create New API Key button.

Step 5

Select Harvest for the API Type. Enter a description for the API key and click Manage Permissions.

Step 6

Click the Copy button, and paste the API key below. Next, click I have stored the API key.

Please note: you will not be able to copy this API Key again, so please store it somewhere safe!

Step 7

Please see below all of the permissions categories for the integration with the CareerFairy platform.

Step 8

Select the relevant permissions. Please note that the permissions shown below are the minimum requirement needed to correctly sync your account. Please reach out to CareerFairy if you are unsure which permissions you need for your Greenhouse integration.


You have now generated an API key to integrate Greenhouse with the CareerFairy platform. You can consult the "How to integrate your ATS system with CareerFairy" article to finalise the synchronisation.

Updated on: 21/04/2023

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